Tired of stubborn fat?

We can help with the lunch time fat buster!!

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"Ultrasonic Liposuction"

Attention: This is NOT the Lipolaser!

We understand your concern about the Lipolaser, we know from our own experience over 2 years ago the disappointment of those treatments.

Our process breaksdown the fat cell membrane, then melts the fat, and finally pushes it to the lymphatic system for drainage along with tightening skin and muscles. This is a 3 step process and you will see results the first time.

How is it different than the Lipolaser..the lipolaser melts the fat cell (does not break the cell membrane) thus you have 24 hrs to workout or hit the sauna to eliminate the fat before it resolidifies
in another part of your body.

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What is Ultrasonic Caviation Lipo?

Non Invasive Fat Reduction

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Ultrasonic Cavitation is offering a new treatment which we believe can potentially replace traditional liposuction. Ultrasonic customers can get results they are satisfied with, without having to undertake surgery.

Benefits can include:

How different is the Ultrasonic treatment from traditional liposuction?

Ultrasonic cavitation is the new beauty treatment that replaces the liposuction without going through the operating room.

The new ultrasound technique that “breaks” the fat, unlike liposuction, is without surgery, without pain and without anesthesia.

This new technique can be applied throughout the body, no matter the thickness of the area to be treated or its density. It also allows to see results from the first session, resulting in a significant reduction in the perimeter and especially the progressive and permanent removal of fatty deposits.People who reduce the amount of fat but increase in fluid retention should drain more.

Cavitation is an ultrasonic treatment and works with applying these waves through a handheld that melts the localized fat, the one that can be found beneath the epidermis and is not removed by any diet, the most difficult to eliminate. For this we say that the cavitation is a non invasive liposuction without entering the operating room. Here are the main features of ultrasonic cavitation:
Tired of stubborn fat?
You exercise, eat right  yet you still have the stubborn fat?
We can help with the lunch time fat buster!!

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