Vibration Machine Exercise

After your ultrasound, RF or laser treatment, clients spend 10 minutes experiencing vibration technology that was developed by NASA.Ten minutes in whole body vibration exercise therapy is equal to thirty minutes of regular exercise and triple times muscle tightening.  We are using it at a low vibration level to jump start your lymph system and increase circulation to start moving the treated fat our of your body.

Often called “vibration plates” or “power plates” , we use this as passive exercise. The Vibration system was developed initially by NASA to aid the astronauts in rebuilding lost bone and muscle while in space. Since its introduction to the mass market, there are many more claims are being made as to benefits. Many fitness centers use them for vigorous exercise routines.

Here at Michigan Beauty Institute, you will stand on the platform at a slow vibration for 10 minutes to help jump start the lymph system and begin moving the transformed fat through the liver and out of your body. Fat will also be burned and used for energy. It will improve the shape of your legs, abdomen, hip and waist by increasing muscle and reducing fat – reshaping your body.

Many clients will experience tightened skin and continued fat burning from increased metabolism which increases with each vibration therapy. Some who use whole body vibration exercise therapy have experienced up to 361 percent increase in Human Growth Hormone. Natural collagen is increased as cellulite is diminished. Whole body vibration exercise therapy releases bacteria, improving tissue layers. As cellulite is dissolved, connective tissue increases, revealing an enhancement in skin texture. In as few as 3 weeks, you can see up to 50 percent increase in muscle strength. One hundred percent of your muscle fibers are used during vibration therapy.

Whole body vibration exercise therapy enhances metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Throughout the process, blood is pumped 50 times per second into capillaries. As a result, fuel is provided to the cells and waste is eliminated at a much faster rate. The entire process creates better circulation and immune system. Additional benefits to vibration therapy include an increase in bone mass, a reduction in joint and back pain as well as fights against osteoporosis.

Whole body vibration exercise therapy improves blood pressure and a quicker mending time after exercising. Better blood flow means greater flexibility, muscles warm faster, tendons stretch more effectively and efficiently; resulting in a more relaxed and agile body. Vibration therapy leads to improved coordination and balance due to stimulation from exercising.

Users experience less stress which results in a better sense of well-being and aids to prevent insomnia, promoting a more recuperative sleep.

For people who cannot go to a gym, the vibration therapy is perfect to accelerate the flushing of your liquid fat cells.